Sherwin hasn’t experienced on how it feels like to be burglared before, only until last night when it happened to him at his own home in Cavite. He’s certainly disturbed and has the difficulty to sleep.

At home Sherwin doesn’t like watching television because for him it’s not amusing. What he likes most during his free time after work is to read novels if not playing a guitar while singing his own songs.

Last night when he arrived home coming from work, he spent his time reading the novel religiously, for it contained few more pages left before it becomes over.

Sherwin is elated whenever he managed to finish one book even if it takes him some time; for not only he learned many things, his ammunition on vocabulary gets accumulated.

Needless to say, it was almost midnight when he rested.

He slept at his living area than his own room every night. Perhaps he chose the former, for it is cooler and spacious unlike his room that’s too confined.

He has been residing for five years now in his home. He lives alone and easily stirred up whenever there’s something unusual sound going on outside.

Therefore, he was alerted last night by the short squeak sound. For him it sounded unusual.

Sherwin doesn’t easily frighten and his composure last night was clear.

The front window of his house was few steps away from where he reclined; therefore, he rose up energetically and peeped behind the curtain.

It was totally dark and the culprit couldn’t see him because all the lights were turned off.

While lurking behind the window, he saw the man staggering on top of his steel gate ready to jump inside his home.

He shouted while hitting the main door with his fist at the same time.


Everyone of his neighbour was asleep and the surrounding was silent.

He ran to turn on the light and got a flash light inside his cabinet.

He went back to his previous position and pointed the turned on flash light toward the burglar who was hiding beside the gate underneath the Papaya tree.

Couldn’t think of any weapon to use, Sherwin got the Pipe Wrench hidden inside the cabinet and went outside using the back door.

The burglar was still there in a fixed sitting position.

Sherwin casted stone at him while advancing if there’s other companion around. Thankfully there’s none.

The culprit was medium built, yet strong. He was unarmed and in the influence of alcohol.

Without risking his life, Sherwin hit the Pipe Wrench at the culprit’s body many times until the man signalled surrender.

The rain was starting to drizzle at midnight and Sherwin surrendered the culprit to the security guard in his village.

While going back to bed, Sherwin couldn’t sleep and he’s thinking about the burglar’s countered revenge knowing he was not there to personally endorse the aforesaid to the barangay.

Indeed, life is uncertain and always at risk anywhere we are.





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