Of Tito Bee’s Eatery

It’s been natural to Filipino people to have a penchant for food ever since. This can be obviously observed in any occasion no matter how simple it is.

 In Southern Luzon region like Tagaytay however Bulalo and Nilagang Baka are the best seller foods for meat lovers due to the abundance of beef.

Aside of course from being a delightful food to indulge on, it’s truly a perfect match for its cool weather.

Before reaching Mahogany Market, a place where the freshly butchered beef is sold, if someone is coming from Tagaytay rotunda, there’s this tiny eatery store painted in yellow gold color on the right side that offers local dishes like the aforesaid.

The offered Nilagang Baka is to die for. At only Php80.00 per order, the diner will certainly solve the hunger.

That eatery is called Tito Bee.



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