Visiting the Villavicencio Wedding Gift House

I’ve got the chance to visit the town of Taal a few years ago and I found this place captivating.

And, who would not be enamored by its collection of well-preserved ancestral houses?

 Thus, I decided to come back lately because I knew I have so much more to learn.

While wandering the town, I stumbled upon the ancestral house of the Villavicencio’s. Based on my research, this family was once wealthy shipping and sugar magnates; and rumored to own up to a third of Batangas. That’s how rich this family back then.

This house was called Casa Regalo de Boda a.k.a wedding gift built by Don Eulalio Villavicencio to his wife Gliceria Marella in 1872.1-20170617_150635

Inside was colorful. The floral patterns and curlicues were painstakingly stenciled, an obvious reflection of the owner’s wealth. 1-20170617_145651

The Dining Area1-20170617_150020

The Master Bedroom1-20170617_151143

It was indeed impressive.


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