I was in Boracay

Boracay is only an hour away using a commercial flight from Manila; however, it’s quite ironic because it didn’t get me the nerve to reach that place. Well, I guess it’s for the very reason that always comes to my mind that going there alone is a boring trip. That’s why it didn’t materialize.

Therefore, it’s only lately that I’ve got the chance to have a getaway with my mother and our youngest sibling. I was actually not included on the original plan as supposed to be, for I wasn’t informed by my brother when he got a big discount on promo fare last year.

Therefore I just decided at the last minute to join them. But it doesn’t matter if the fare was a bit expensive, after all it was my birthday that time and in turn that was a sort of my birthday treats to myself this year.

Boracay in the month of June has an unpredictable weather. This is due to the Habagat season which is characterized by hot and humid weather, frequent heavy rainfall, and a prevailing wind from the west.

Therefore the weather when we arrived was not good as what I expected. The sky was gloomy. And yet, the place was crowded with local and foreign tourists.

Sunset and lively night life are the other attractions that others want to experience, however it never happened when we were there because of the weather. But then, the clear water and silky white sand were simply amazing. No wonder Boracay is a popular destination for nature lovers.


The boatmen were pushing the boat near the seashore while waiting for the tourists to ride with them.


A native Aklanon was looking over the infinite horizon.


A typical scenery of a resort by the beach.


This family was spending a leisure time at the beach.


My mother and our youngest sibling were holding hands while wandering the silky white sand.


Tourists were flocking in Boracay.


A typical day in Boracay.


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